Dando Amor
Service Projects

We love to work with others to help those in need. Outside sources allow Dando Amor to help as many people as we do. If you are a looking to give back in some way and need some ideas, here are some great ideas suitable for Eagle Scout projects, senior projects, or simple service projects.

-Collect soccer cleats for the Salesianos
We work with an organization in Ecuador called the Salesianos. They have an after school soccer program they use to attract kids they find roaming the streets that aren't in school. To get them back in school, the Salesianos invite these kids to come play soccer and then work on getting them studying again. They are always in need of cleats for kids and teenagers for their extensive soccer program.

-Collect shoes in good condition
Through our Shoes4Love program, we give some of the shoes to orphans or others in need of shoes. Most of the shoes we receive are used to teach orphans and the unemployed how to run a small business selling used shoes. Our efforts in this area teaches orphans and struggling fathers and mothers things like budgeting, net income, gross income, profit margin and more. The information helps them successfully support a future family or their current families.

-Make or collect items for both girl and boy newborns packages
A few times a year, Dando Amor takes packages to mothers in the Isidro Ayora maternity hospital for the poor in Quito, Ecuador. While there our volunteers with boys from our orphanage, personally drop off these items to both young and old struggling mothers with new born children.

The following items can be collected for children that are newborns to six months old.

  • New/very gently used baby blankets
  • New/very gently used burp rags
  • New/very gently used baby hats
  • New/very gently used baby sleepers/pjs

-Collect funds to donate to Dando Amor or to go on a service trip
People have done all kinds of things to raise funds for trips. Here are some ideas others have done.

  • Organized a bake sale
  • Held a trap shooting contest
  • Hosted a pancake breakfast
  • Found sponsors
  • Sold scarves door to door
  • Held a silent auction
  • Organized a charity concert
  • Sold t-shirts

We have found that creative ideas often produce the best results.

-Make or collect washable maxi pads 
In Haiti and Burkina Faso many women cannot even feed their children on a regular basis so their personal needs are put on hold to meet this basic need of their children. Maturing girls also don’t have any extra money to spend on female hygiene products, so they go without. That is why we started taking washable maxi pads to help the women and girls in these countries.

*Please contact us with questions about service projects at dandoamorinfo@gmail.com.