Dando Amor
About Dando Amor

Dando Amor is a nonprofit charity that helps orphans in Ecuador, Haiti, and Burkina Faso, Africa. Our goal is to raise orphans out of poverty through education and self sufficiency training.

After going to Ecuador on a volunteer photography assignment visiting many orphanages, Travis and Jennie Gugelman, and Lori Nordstrom realized that orphanages backed by American organizations and businesses could adequately provide for children's needs. The children living in orphanages were healthier, more educated, and happier.

Travis, Jennie, and Lori started Dando Amor to allow people to become personally involved in helping children live better, fuller lives. Dando Amor has blessed thousands of children’s lives, while continuing to grow and bless others. This is possible as more people join us in combining their time, talents, and energy to help bless these less fortunate children.

Join us in our efforts to empower orphans on a mission trip to Ecuador or Burkina Faso, Africa! Or, you can fundraise at home. Volunteers are always welcome and needed.

We invite families, couples, youth groups, individuals, photographers, and business owners to come with us on our trips. The next two trips scheduled are:

Burkina Faso, Africa - June 10 - 18, 2014

Ecuador - December 23, 2014 - January 1, 2015

If you can't go yourself, you can contribute by sponsoring others who want to go on a trip but can't afford the entire cost.

For more information, see our mission trips page or email us at: dandoamorinfo@gmail.com